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Cooperation conditions


Reservation Department deals with all queries, including incoming data processing, consulting and booking. It also controls
the fulfillment of an order and helps to find the best alternatives and options.
Questions and applications must be sent to the e-mail address:


Business development Department deals with the following issues: cooperation, treaty making, preparing an itinerary and
information support (rates, special offers, stop sale, latest and exclusive hotel offers).
Please sent your questions to the e-mail address:

The full list of tourist services and products offered by our company will be kindly presented for your attention.

Determination of price

Our company sets out rates in USD. Prices for hotel, air tickets and transport services are stated in their net value.

  • Hotels: price per night
  • Transport services: depending on the vehicle and a number of passengers, price might be indicated for one person or for a
    car/minibus. The maximum number of passengers in a car is set next to the price.
  • Excursions: price per person

If you travel with children, please indicate their age in an application form. Price depends on the age and type of
accommodation. In accordance to the hotel accommodation policy, child rate is applied for children up to 12 years old.
Infants up to 2 years old are free of charge.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our manager. The manager will assist you in determination of
price and choosing the best option.

Reply and confirmation

As a rule, processing times for applications vary from 15-20 minutes to 24 hours. During this time, our manager contacts a
hotel reservation department and confirms booking details. As soon as all required services are booked, you will receive an
e-mail with the list of confirmed services. If you do not get any reply from our manager within 24 hours since you made the
enquiry, please contact the top management of our company:

Please pay attention, that 24 hours – is the maximum waiting time.

For our part, we always try to do all our best to minimize the waiting time and use all means to cut down processing times, in
order to get an expected result in the shortest possible time.

Invoice for payment

Within two or three days since a confirmation letter is received, manager has to send an invoice for payment to your e-mail
address. If request is urgent or you want to get the invoice earlier, please contact your manager.

Invoice for payment 100% guarantees that the list of required services have been confirmed and booked.

If you have any further questions or you do not receive the invoice in due time, do not hesitate to contact the
Financial Department:

Invoice payment

Payment shall be provided by Bank transfer to an account of our company.

Each invoice sent to your e-mail address contains the following information: a company full name, address and contact
telephone numbers, fax, e-mail, account details, list of booked items, full chargeable amount, payment terms and conditions.

Payment date indicates the date, when a chargeable amount has to be transferred to account of our company. If the
payment is not transferred within the time specified, and we do not receive any request for delay in payment, manager will
be entitled to cancel a reservation to avoid punitive penalties from a hotel.

Payment terms and conditions vary in accordance to a hotel standard, season and type of booking.

If you have any further questions concerning payment, money transfer, account details etc., do not hesitate to contact the
Financial Department:

Written confirmation and invoice for payment 100% guarantees that the list of required services have been confirmed and

Since our company cooperates with hotels on a pre-paid basis, you do not need a voucher. As the outgoing company, you
may process documents and specify your contact details on your company’s letterhead.

If tourists feel it reasonable to have our company voucher, please send us the request, and we will send the voucher to your
e-mail address.

Accepting Payment: