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Orchid petal

Phuket, Thailand

Western-style wedding

This is certainly the most romantic ceremony in Phuket. A wedding arch, brightly decorated with fresh flowers and set-up right on the beach. A path, bestrewed with rose petals and two lines of floral tiki torches, opens the way to the arch. The Bride and Groom go along the path, where a Master of Ceremony greets them.

The Bride and Groom take their wedding vows repeating the words after the Master of Ceremony.
Then the couple exchange rings and share their first wedding kiss. The rose petal shower
accompanies this ceremony.

A Professional photographer will capture the most touching, beautiful and exciting moments of this
happy day. At sunset or after a romantic dinner by the sea, the newly married couple will have the
opportunity to launch Love Sky Lanterns and Loi Krathongs.

This is a traditional Thai ceremony, which serves to bring luck and prosperity to your marriage.
Love lanterns are made from the thinnest papyrus. Hot air fills the sky lantern and they rise upwards,
carrying all problems and worries away.

Many Thais believe that sky lanterns make their dreams come true. It is for this reason that couples
stand still for a moment before, unclasp their hands and let the lantern go up into the sky.
While their small light is floating up into the night sky of Phuket, the Bride and Groom are thinking
about their innermost wishes and how they want them to become a reality.

Loi Krathong: “Loi” is translated as “floating”, “krathong” means “leaf boat”. Traditionally, Loi Krathongs
are made from banana leaves or a spider lily plant held together and decorated with tropical flowers.
Loi Krathongs can be different sizes and types, now and then resembling tiny palaces. In the evening,
young couples launch their Krathongs onto a river or the sea. Thais believe this ceremony joins
people’s hearts and gives them happiness.

  • Orchid bouquet for Bride, corsage for Groom
  • Sky Love Lanterns and Loi Krathongs for a couple
  • Wedding arch, decorated with orchids
  • Flower decoration in the ceremony area
  • Rose petals shower
  • Photographer (5 hours), digital photos on DVD (up to 200 photos)
  • Transfer, guide and Master of Ceremony service
  • Marriage certificate (non-official)
    Additional services 400$:

  • Hair dressing and making up for a Bride
  • Dinner for two at a restaurant

Extra payment for candlelight dinner (table is set by the sea) 70$ per person