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Thai-style wedding

A Monk blessing ceremony, at a Buddhist temple is considered a peculiarity of the Thai-style wedding.
Buddhism is tolerant towards all religious beliefs, and a monk can bless most people. This ancient and popular ceremony is held at Wat Chalong temple, the most esteemed and majestic temple in Phuket. An odd number of monks are invited to preside over the ceremony. It is widely believed that Buddha himself joins the monks during the ceremony.

The ceremony begins when the monks recite five common Commandments of Buddhism. After that, when chanting ancient Buddhist mantras, the monks place special fragrant garlands, made from tropical flowers, around the Bride and Groom’s neck.

According to tradition, it is acceptable for the newlyweds to offer a meal to the monks. The monks will then bless the couple and all of the guests with holy water. This ritual brings happiness, peace, wealth and luck into your life.

A photographer will accompany the newly married couple and capture all happy moments of this touching ceremony. In the evening, the Bride and Groom will enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of a romantic dinner by the sea.

After dinner, the couple will have the opportunity to let off Love Sky Lanterns, to bring luck and prosperity to their life. Hot air will raise the lantern upwards, carrying all problems and worries away. Love lanterns are made from the thinnest papyrus, filled with hot air and the couple’s dearest dreams. Many Thais believe that sky lanterns make their dreams come true, this is precisely why the couples stand still for a moment before unclasping their hands and let the lantern go up into the sky.

Another bright and favorite tradition in Thai culture is Loi Krathong, a ceremony where they let small boats of in water. “Loi” is translated as “floating”, “krathong” means, “leaf boat”. These “boats” are made from banana leaves held together with pins, and decorated with flowers, coins, incense sticks and small candles. Loi Krathongs can be different sizes and types, now and then resembling tiny palaces. In the evening, young couples go to a river or the sea and launch their Krathongs. By doing this ceremony, people show a tribute of respect and thank the Goddess of Water. Thais believe this ritual joins people’s hearts and gives them happiness.

  • Orchid garlands
  • Sky Love Lanterns and Loi Krathongs for a couple
  • Blessing by monks at a temple
  • Tribute to monks
  • Photographer (5 hours), digital photos on DVD (up to 200 photos)
  • Transfer, guide and Master of Ceremony service
  • Marriage certificate (non-official)
    Additional services:

  • Hair dressing and making up for a Bride – 260$
  • Dinner (alcoholic drinks are not included) – from 55$ per person