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Wedding ceremonies in Phuket

277151 Wedding abroad, especially in beautiful and exotic places of our planet, is a new trend of nowadays indeed. For the last few years, wedding in Thailand went beyond the scope of the unique event. Nevertheless, it remains new, original and attractive offer. Wedding ceremony in Thailand can be interesting not only for newly-weds, but for those couples, who want to celebrate the anniversary of their relationship. Wedding ceremonies are divided into two groups: religious and non-religious ones. A religious wedding might be conducted in either temple or another venue. It includes a ceremony of blessing a newly wedding couple and their family by Buddhist monks. Buddhism is tolerant towards all religious beliefs, and whoever can be blessed by a monk. A non-religious wedding ceremony is performed on a seashore, under a classical arch, decorated with flowers and leaves. Having nothing in common with Thai traditions, this ceremony, nonetheless, blends well with the surrounding land and conditions. These ceremonies are sure to be combined with each other. Our company developed several wedding packages. However, we can expand and complete them in compliance with wishes and desire of our guests. We invite you to become a part of this beautiful and interesting project!
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